A World of Lies

“A World of Lies” is the story of a young woman, Adriana, who lives in the suburbs of Medellin , Colombia , and who has to fight against anorexia, a disease that does not discriminate social position. Adriana must not only fight against this disease but also against a society that points to her without understanding her human condition. Directed by Wilmar Valencia Alvarez, this documentary is a production of the University of Antioquia , Colombia , and won its Best Documentary Award in 2006. It will help to understand these patients who suffer and do not understand how to get out of this world of lies: The Anorexia.
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Gustavo Escobar  
( 542 weeks, 5 days ago)
Good morning, i am a fashion designer and this is a hard reality in the world. I face this problematic very closely because I see how models, male and female, worry for having a thin body, they believe that the solution to a better shape is by not eating or worst, EATING AND THEN VOMITING. Hope that this video is widely and openly broadcasted. Anorexia is a problem that I see every day on people I know. MANY THANKS TO PROFESSOR Wilmar Valencia to remind us the most beautiful and important... AS WE ARE!

Gustavo Escobar, Colombia

Maria Helena Lopez Vivas  
( 544 weeks, 4 days ago)
I knew about the research behind this documentary and about the documentary itself conducted at the School of Communication at the University of Antioquia.

I also had the opportunity to personally meet Adrian and I consider her message is vital for young men and women not only in Colombia but in the world.

Congratulations to Wilmar Valencia for this excellent and important production.

Maria Helena Lopez Vivas
School of Communication

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